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Owner/Certified Dog Trainer

Melanie is a certified dog trainer from Animal Behavior College, and certified Fear Free.  She worked at a veterinary clinic for 6 years and sometimes misses the crazy mornings.  Melanie currently owns three pit bull mixes, Luna 10yrs old, Calvin 8yrs old, and Xylene 10months old, and has had several different breeds throughout her life.  She is excited to provide services to Emporia and creating a passionate well trained staff.



General Manager

Kellie comes to us all the way from New York city as our new general manager. Kellie has over 10 years of experience in the pet industry- including working in a vet office, groomers, and other dog daycare/boarding facilities. She is always motivated and hard working, and is excited to start working with us at Raise Your Paws.




Bobbi Peet is one of our managers at Raise Your Paws. Bobbi has lots of experience with working with dogs. Bobbi is also a dog owner to several rescues. Bobbi is always willing to jump right in and help where ever she is needed.

Holly U.jpg


Senior Dog Handler

Holly came to Raise Your Paws after realizing she had interest in maybe one day becoming a dog trainer. Holly currently is a receptionist and dog handler and just really enjoys being with the dogs.

Noah Salazar

Dog Handler

Noah came to us a year ago.  He is very patient with the dogs and humans.  He has learned a lot and really enjoys the training part of the job.  No dog is a stranger to him, including those that "don't like men."  Noah is currently getting a business degree.

Karissa Nash

Dog Handler

Karissa is one of our newer members.  She started working for RYP because she enjoys dogs over people.  Karissa had to overcome her fear of big dogs, but has learned a lot and is growing daily.  You may see Karissa in new roles as she continues her time at RYP.

Kelsi Loeffler

Dog Handler/Bather

Kelsi started with us as weekend help and for baths on Tuesdays.  She is the newest member of RYP.  She is majoring in Equine studies.  Kelsi continues to learn daily.  She has a calm vibe which helps put dogs at ease.

Mercedes Silvey

Dog Handler

Mercedes has been with RYP for over a year.  However, due to her boxing schedule she works on occasion as her schedule permits.  She has a passion for dogs as well and often drops in just to say hello.


Luna and Calvin.jpg


Luna and Calvin are Melanie Smith's dogs. Calvin loves to bark at squirrels; his favorite activity is Fetch, and he is a true nanny dog even cleaning up kid messes.
Luna loves to go for walks, her favorite treat is anything but apples, and she has one blue eye and one brown eye



Sadie is Kellie Altieri's dog. Sadie is a pit bull terrier mix. She is currently seven years old.

bernie and murphy.jpg


Murphy and Bernadette are Holly Fisher's Dogs. Bernadette is a Great Dane who is two years old and Murphy is a longhair Dachshund who is four months old.



Milo is Skyla Fox's dog. Milo will be turning two on August 1st of 2022. Milo loves to cuddle and play with all the dogs at daycare. His favorite thing to do at daycare is to play chase. Milo loves to come to daycare and be an eval dog for new dogs that come.

Joey and Pippi.jpg


Pippi loves her pig toy and Joey loves to chase rabbits on walks. Both enjoy calm dogs when at daycare.



Lolly belongs to Sara Opat. Lolly was born in February 2022, and loves to come to daycare and play.

Bobbi dogs.jpg


Pictured are Bobbi Peet's dogs are Koda, Shadow and Chopper and her daughters dog Mayhem and dads dog Abby.

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